FREE The Dream

Different Kind of Movement

FREE The Dream is a moral and spiritually-based movement. Many existing organizations have similar goals to FREE The Dream and we generally support their efforts. We encourage people to come together under the call to FREE The Dream, organize autonomously at the neighborhood level, and take action to improve the quality of life in their communities.

FREE The Dream utilizes the structure of a small well-disciplined organization and the free momentum of an unstoppable movement driving our society toward social and economic equality. We believe this brings greater attention to issues that impact peoples lives and elevates our ability to achive the ultimate goal.


Morally and Spiritually Based

We believe that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed the world the path to follow. We share his belief that non-violent change is the best way to create a sustainable culture of prosperity for all the world's inhabitants.

We believe in a set of guiding principles which unite members of the organization and the movement around a consistent, ethical operational philosophy. We encourage everyone who joins this effort to align with these principles and to share them with others.


Call to Action

Few times in our history has it been more important for people to take an active role in democracy. We know everyone is busy but we also believe that some contribution to the preservation of our democracy by each and every citizen is critically essential.

Whether you contribute one hour or ten, donate one dollar or ten, encourage one friend or ten to join you, every positive action is a step forward. The change you want to create in your community starts with you!


Keep in Touch

We want to keep in touch with you. We have access to people who have devoted their professional lives to solving many of the problems that plague our communities. We want to share this information with you and others who are active participants in democracy.

We are a diverse collection of thoughtful, free-thinking people who are so bold
as to believe that together we can improve the world.
We invite you to join us!